CY-LASER High Brilliance Cutting Systems is a new technology to the steel machine industry, with commencement and utilisation of this technology by the Cy-Laser company in 2004. This industry leading cutting system was devised to facilitate a resolution of their customer needs and with the company being the fore runner in use of this amazing technology.

The first installation took place in 2005 and since then Cy-laser cutting systems have developed alongside stringent improvements of production and designs, to provide the market with a compact and technological advanced and engineered layout that is like no other.
With our innovative thinking and positive attitude we gained the necessary experience and developed the skills required to meet the demands and challenges of our customers’ needs in an ever changing market industry, generating the optimal solutions and outcomes the market requires.
Today CY-Laser has created users an edge to stay ahead in business, with a system that had many designs from flexible table layout to a unique devised cutting head that sets them apart from above other manufacturers in this industry.

Cy Laser

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