EHRT Maschinenbau GmbH is the one of the main manufacture in the world when it comes to bus-bar punching and bending machines as well as any other associated industries working with flat bar materials the machines are high end quality and yet cost effective. They are not only leading when it comes to punching and the bending but are also ahead in there approach to software and database management for mass production and high volume as well as being flexible and easy to set up for short and medium runs .

EHRT ensure that they put their clients’ requests first among the development of the line and combine it with the experience and knowledge they have gained in the last 50 years, to ensure that there machines are effective and sufficient to meet the needs of the ever-changing environment.

Among many features the programming software is a key factor in our ever increasing demand for fast and flexible production EHRT has the ability to use graphics to easily combine 6 different bending operations. The power-bend software calculates the flat length of every part that is being bent in order to determine what the exact position that the side top will be.For more information on this outstanding product please contact our office

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